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Young blood interview in Nylon Japan March 2018 issue.


Interview excerpt:

As a creative director, editor and photographer what message/ theme re-occurs throughout your work?

I think i am naturally drawn to the humour, awkwardness and joy of being alive, especially when it is found in small details from day to day life. I wish to show, as cheesy as it sounds that it is cool to be happy and that using humour as a tool for your craft is just as important as any other within any creative industry.

People who have most inspired me are those who have been able to excel in their domain and convey complex human emotions without having to fit into the sometimes serious, often pretentious worlds of art fashion and music (like Hot Chip, Elaine Constantine…).

Be it through my ongoing study of British cos-play, or the technology magazine (Pc Erotic) i am currently working on, i want to use humour to create work that is accessible and unique, but always tries to start a discussion on important and complex ideas.